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PAMM Accounts - Earn Money Simply And Efficiently

Whether you’re new to trading or you are a trading expert with years of experience behind you, there’s something in it for you! PAMM Accounts let you earn money from profits generated by trades that have been smartly invested by a PAMM Money Manager.

Who Is PAMM Accounts For?




Enjoy Peace Of Mind When You Invest Your Money Wisely 

Deposit into the PAMM Account’s money pool and watch as your funds are traded smartly by a dedicated money manager.

Dedicated Account Manager
Money Manager

Earn Commissions Doing What You Love

Put your years of experience to good use and help new investors earn profits by efficiently trading their pool of funds.

Tier-1 Liquidity from Top Institutional Banks

Where Does Hive Markets Fit In This?

Hive Markets connects the investors and money managers so that both parties can mutually benefit from money managers efficiently managing the investors’ money and using the funds as trading capital.

PAMM Account

Are You New To Trading?

Would you like to jump on the trading bandwagon but lack the confidence to generate profits? We have got the solution for you. Let the expert do the heavy lifting while you kick back, relax and enjoy the profits.

All You Need To Do Is:

1. Choose PAMM Account when you deposit money into your account.

2. Kick back and relax as a trading expert invests your money efficiently.

3. Enjoy your earnings!

Are You a Trading Expert?

You’ve been trading the markets for a while and want to capitalize on the skills you’ve picked up? Well, then you can become a PAMM Manager and earn a percentage of the profits you make from pooled funds.

All You Need To Do Is:

1. Create a PAMM Manager Account when logged into your Hive Markets account. 

2. Use your expertise to invest the funds and generate profit.

3. Earn Commission from the profits you make for your investors!

PAMM Money Manager

Full Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you read our PAMM T&Cs carefully before creating an account. These terms include all the provisions and conditions provided to you for the use of PAMM accounts.