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How to Verify your Account




Prior to starting, verify that the personal information linked to your account matches the data on the identity document you will use for verification purposes.


  • Access your Hive Markets account and find the Settings tab. 
  • Proceed to the Personal Details section and accurately complete all the fields to ensure they match the information on your document.



Click/Tap on the Identity Verification tab.

Click/Tap on Start



Choose the Country you reside in.

Kindly make sure you choose the correct country and state if applicable.


Choose the Country of issue and the Type of Identification Document you will be submitting.


Let’s say you choose a driver’s license, kindly submit the Front and Back photo of the document. If you wish, you can continue the process on your mobile phone by scanning the QR Code in case your computer is not equipped with a camera.

For Proof of identity guidelines, please click here.


After submitting both sides of your document, you will need to provide us with a Live Selfie. When you think that you are ready to start the Live Selfie process, click I’m Ready


You would need to Allow camera access on your browser to take the picture if needed.

Please bear in mind not to close the browser window or turn off your device or computer while the system verifies your document.

Once you have provided all of the above, you will be asked if you wish to amend any details. If you are satisfied with what you have provided through the process, click Next

All your documents are now being reviewed. Our verification team will take an estimated of 24 hours to verify your account. You will be notified via e-mail if there are any issues along the way. Alternatively,  you can check your Identity Verification tab on your account.

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